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The agents who will succeed are those agents who see themselves as similar to farmers and athletes. Like farmers, we understand that a harvest doesn’t just happen overnight. It takes careful attention and a committed focus on the future goal – waking up every day no matter how you feel and cultivating the land so that the harvest can happen.
Like athletes, we understand that becoming the greatest player on the field doesn’t simply fall in your lap. It takes daily, diligent effort in the right ways and the right amounts. It requires consistent training and it means accepting the wins with the losses. It is giving our best every day (which also means taking the right time off and recharging your mind and soul).

Being an agent with ModernWest is a commitment to this mentality because this mentality is what will lead to success.

When we think about the culture we are creating within our team and the core values we embody, LOVE stands out as the theme above all. Love for the people we serve. Love for those around us on the team. Love for the communities in which we serve. Love for our profession. Without love, what we say or do will mean nothing and will have little impact. But with love, we’re happy to sacrifice for our greater goal and purpose. Because of love, we are able to do whatever it takes to not let someone down who is relying on us. Because of love, we are ableto bear with and encourage one another. Because of love, seemingly impossible things become possible.

We’re excited about building a culture like this with like-hearted, like-minded people. The impact we’ll have on Veterans, our local communities, and within the lives of our team and our families will be limitless!

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