With Spring approaching, it’s time to bring out the bikes and get a head start on the biking season!

Colorado’s Front Range is one of the most popular mountain biking areas in the state, and for good reason. Nestled between the plains and the mountains, this area offers a wide variety of terrain that accommodates all skill levels. Plus, it offers beautiful, expansive views of both Denver and the Rocky Mountains. Whether you’re looking for wide open descents or woody, challenging inclines, there’s something for everyone on the front range. Here’s your guide to the best mountain biking trails in Golden, Lakewood, Morrison and surrounding areas.

Mount Falcon

Looking for a singletrack route that’s both challenging and rewarding? Give Mount Falcon a try. This mountain biking trail has a number of sections that are both technical and steep, but it also offers a few long, easy stretches. Riders can park at Mount Falcon’s lower lot before embarking on the castle trail, which is shared with hikers for just a few meters before breaking off. The trail is also home to the ruins of The Walker House, which is comprised of cool stone that offers shade on a hot afternoon. Certain points of the trail can get busy during the day, so keep your eye out for other bikers and hikers.

5 Parks Trail

If you’re looking for a lot of scenery in a single ride, 5 Parks trail will give you all of that and then some. The trail spans 20 miles on its own, but its access points to a number of popular parks allows for exploration. The route passes by Lair O’ the Bear Park, Little Park, O’Fallon Park, Pence Park, and Mt. Falcon Park. For a fun and challenging detour, take a stop off at Lair O’ the Bear Park and enjoy its creative rock features and stone ramps.

Apex Park

Apex Park is a challenging singletrack loop that stretches for 9 miles through rolling plains and thick, shaded woods. Its close proximity to 1-70 and the metro area makes it a popular choice for beginners, so be aware of crowds if you’re going on a weekend. Another point to note is that Apex Park alternates the direction of the trail every other day. Head to Apex on an even numbered day for a downhill challenge that’ll keep your adrenaline running.

6th Avenue Trail

For a ride that offers both historical and modern features, opt for 6th Avenue Trail. This route starts out in downtown Golden near Clear Creek History Park, an outdoor museum that depicts Colorado life in the 1800’s. Riders can park near the Colorado School of Mines, where the trail begins. After hopping on the route, you’ll then cruise alongside US 6. This somewhat urban route stretches 3.5 miles and is a great way to experience the scenery between Denver and Golden.

Full Pull Trail

Full Pull trail is a 24-mile tour through the beauty of Golden Gate Canyon State Park. Featuring a mix of dense, wooded areas and open grassland, Full Pull offers a little bit of everything. Its challenging nature makes it best for experienced bikers, who should carry a trail map to avoid going off course. This ride is great at any time of the year, but is especially pleasant in the fall when its aspen groves are ablaze with gold.

Green Mountain Trail

This popular 7-mile loop is great for intermediate levels. The trail offers sweeping views of the plains along with wide open skies. After climbing to the top, bikers will be rewarded with a stunning vista that includes all of Denver and beyond. This trail doesn’t have a lot of tree cover, meaning it can get quite hot on a sunny day. The best times to embark on Green Mountain Trail are early in the morning or in the afternoon.

Tertiary Trail

Tertiary Trail is a fun and steady ride in Golden’s South Table Mountain Park. The singletrack route leads bikers up to the top of the mesa, where you’ll see expansive view of the front range, all of Denver, and the plains to the east. The trail intersects with Cretaceous trail, which is a slightly shorter and less challenging option. Like other trails in this area, Tertiary is fairly open to the elements and lacks tree cover, making it a great morning or evening ride.

Get out and enjoy the ride! As always, if you have questions about neighborhoods and the real estate market near some of your favorite mountain biking trailheads, please contact me. I’d love to discuss the real estate market and what it would take to live in those areas. Thanks for reading!