When it comes to Mexican food, it’s safe to say that we don’t mess around. I grew up in SoCal and then spent three years with my new, handsome, Marine husband in South Orange County before moving to Colorado. To say that I’m particular about my Mexican food would be an understatement!

When the Marine Corps brought us to Colorado 11 years ago, it became my mission to find the best Mexican food that Colorado had to offer, according to my very specific Baja-Mexican preferences. Boy has it taken me some time to compile this list that I’m about to share with you! 

Starting out, I wrongfully expected one restaurant to have it all under one roof, just like the dozen or so I frequented in SoCal did. Time after time, I was disappointed to find that no such place existed, and so I finally decided that I needed to change my strategy and choose the best dishes at the best places instead of waiting for the entire menu to blow my mind.

So, without further ado, here are some of our absolute favorite Mexican restaurants to frequent as well as our favorite dishes (and drinks) for each!

Tequilas (Thornton – also have multiple locations across CO)

Birthday fun complete with fried ice cream and sombreros at Tequilas!

Chicken Tortilla Soup: Giant bowl full of rice, chicken, avocado and deliciousness

Asada Nachos: We love their steak so we usually get extra! Also, try their “nachos” with 

fries instead of chips. Delish.

Silver Coin Marg: We prefer a tangy marg as opposed to sweet and we definitely don’t 

like any mix. This is a great, tangy marg with lemon juice!

Sopapillas or Churros: You’re welcome.


Efrains (Lafayette)

Cheese Enchilada Plate: The plate comes out piping hot with chewy, melted cheese

Chicken Chimichanga: Be ready for a little kick from the green chile. And be sure to get it with beans and rice!

White Lightning Marg


Enduring the cold weather while enjoying Comida!

Comida (Stanley Marketplace)

Not Yo’ Nachos with Steak: fresh fried tortilla chips, pickled onions, cotija, and utterly delicious steak goodness.

Pineapple Habanero Marg: this one burns. Great when you need to be warmed up from the inside out!


Rosa Mexican Kitchen (Thornton)

Ahi Tuna Ceviche: love the fried wonton chips, and the touch of mango and orange.

Woops! Started eating the ceviche before snapping a photo!


Tacos. Tacos. Tacos. Our favorites are:

Pez Ensenada

Trompo (al pastor)


Aguacate Capeado (battered avocado)


Chicken Tortilla Soup

House Marg 

El Patron Marg (Drew’s favorite!)


Tamayo (Larimer Square) – Happy Hour

Queso Fundido: We share this and the guac. Definitely a good apps and drinks place for us! Plus, the rooftop bar…

Bacon Guacamole

House Marg


Tamale Kitchen (multiple locations across CO)

Steak Fries Burrito: Drew’s Fav!

Beans, Chips, Salsa: Beans + all the lard = Best. Beans. Ever.

Tamales (Family Pack): Their family meals are awesome and so are their tamales. Go figure!


Mi Pueblo Market (the grocery store we go to when we make our own delicious salsa + steak 

tacos/nachos. There are several locations but we go to the one in Thornton)

Produce to make your own salsa or a salsa bar on weekends to purchase pre-made

Restaurant inside with great street tacos

Arrachera (pre-marinated/seasoned carne asada

Fresh tortillas

Delicious corn tortilla chips (perfect for nachos and chilaquiles)


And, because everyone has different taste, here are a few of our team’s favorites!


Brittany’s Favs

Taqueria La Familia 

Bonus: Next door to the best panaderia in Denver; Rosales Mexican Bakery!


Mexico City Lounge

1968 Hole-in-the-wall landmark home of deep fried tacos!


Little Anita’s New Mexican Foods

Locals order “Christmas” when asked ‘Red or Green Chile?” (yes, Chile with an ‘e’)!


Rodd’s Fav

La Loma

Mexican hamburger is legendary as are the chili rellenos. The stuffed sopapilla is insanity on 

a plate!


I believe the only thing left to ask is, “What are you waiting for?” Get out there and eat some delicious food!