Since March 2020, I couldn’t tell you how many puzzles I completed, movie marathons I stayed awake through, or the number of failed attempts at making our own sourdough bread. Stores sold out of tie-dye kits and hair dye, Amazon made record numbers, and someone in every household decided to become a personal trainer or baker. In short, 2020 was a boring year spent at home, trying anything to pass the time. But as the world begins to open back up, put down the chronological list of Marvel films and the pink hair dye that will definitely not “fade after a week”, and get outside. It’s time to get some fresh air this fall and early winter and see the beautiful sights Colorado has to offer. Lucky for us, Colorado’s already impressive list of 42 gorgeous state parks just got a little longer, with the recent addition of Sweetwater Lake.

At about this time last year, Fishers Peak was introduced as the newest member of Colorado’s State Park group. A year later, Governor Polis’ administration has done it again. Sweetwater Lake will not only become one of the amazing and accessible places our home has to offer, but it will also promote community, conservation, and education for all of its visitors.

Three powerhouse-teams of the great Colorado outdoors are working together to bring this magnificent area to the public. The land itself comes straight from the U.S. Forest Service (White River National Forest), and will be cared for by Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW), with help from the Eagle Valley Land Trust (EVLT). This gorgeous piece of land spreads across roughly 488 acres of Garfield County, and has potential to be even more than a breathtaking view. With guidance and expertise from the CPW and EVLT, this park will not only be available to the public, but will additionally become a place for recreation and water activities. The team behind this 43rd Colorado State Park hopes to build recreational facilities, including a boat launch, by the beginning of summer 2022. 

This lake will not only be home to plenty of daytime summer fun, but potentially, a campground as well. Sweetwater Lake is a hidden gem worth the visit. The addition of this state park only adds to Colorado’s incredible, accessible, natural beauty. With less than a three hour drive from Denver to this destination, this could be the perfect day trip. For those not a huge fan of sitting in the car for six hours of your day, Sweetwater Lake can easily become a vacation. A.J. Brinks Outfitters offers the Sweetwater Lake Resort to you and your family. With hunting, horseback riding, and overnight backpacking trips, the great people at this resort help you feel at home and cared for, while still getting the full wilderness experience. Looking for a getaway with sweeping views and trails, but with room service and a meal you don’t catch yourself? We understand. Backpacks and horses aren’t for everyone. If you head a bit down the road from the lake, you will find plenty of cozy options for your weekend get away. Eagle River Lodge offers the comforts of a hotel stay, with easy access to the stunning sights of Colorado. If you are looking for a longer stay, or a more at-home feeling to your trip, Airbnb offers plenty of homes-away-from-home for you. From cabins on the river, to picturesque lodges, there is a home for every family, and budget, size. 

Sweetwater Lake will not only provide conservation, education, and recreation to Colorado, but also a great place to get out of the house, for all of us that have been inside for way too long. Ditch that Covid cabin fever, and make the trip out to a real cabin in the woods. We promise it’s better than watching Mad Men reruns for the third time, or whatever else you have been doing to stay busy this past year. Take a trip to the lake, and let us know what you think. We guarantee the view is pretty sweet.