We are proud to be a top real estate team serving Military Veterans across the Denver metro area. Most of the clients we work with every year are Active Duty Military and Veterans. One of our BIG goals is to help create $1BN in wealth for Veterans through real estate ownership and investing across the Denver area, Front Range, Colorado, and the greater Mountain West.  Can we show you how we serve and how to best find your next home in the Denver metro area? We are ready to serve you and help you build your real estate empire.

Here’s a video featuring some of the Veterans we’ve helped with their real estate needs in the Denver metro area:  

Are you on active duty with PCS orders to the Denver metro area? We’d love to be a part of your journey! We are a real estate team very familiar with the VA home loan and home purchase process. Most importantly, we understand how stressful a move can be and have built a great team that makes the home search and purchase process easier for you.

If you’d like to learn more about using your VA home loan for purchasing a home, check out our YouTube page for helpful educational videos:
VA Home Loan Education and Tips

We look forward to serving you!

Drew Morris and the ModernWest Group