One of my favorite tools we put together at Your Castle Real Estate is the Price Change Map. Published quarterly, these maps provide real estate data at the neighborhood level.

What kind of information can we find on these maps?

  1. The names of neighborhoods/areas around the Denver metro area.
  2. Average home sales price for the trailing twelve months.
  3. Average price appreciation over the trailing twelve months.
  4. Months of Inventory (MOI)
  5. Number of sold, under contract, and active homes at quarter end.

How is this information useful?

Macro market data is helpful in understanding the general trends for the Denver metro (I push out info about this monthly). But, what’s even more insightful is seeing what’s happening at the neighborhood level. For example, we know that the Months of Inventory for the metro area has been hovering around 1.5 MOI for the last several years for the Denver metro area (fluctuates throughout the year of course). But, that doesn’t mean every area/neighborhood is the same. Some will have higher MOIs (maybe providing an opportunity for negotiating a price discount). Some may have lower MOIs (meaning: be ready for a fight if you want a home in that area!). Take a look at the maps and let me know what you think! If you don’t see your neighborhood/town, let me know. We have a map for every area around the Denver metro area and foothills.

Want to learn more or discuss your preferred neighborhood? Give me a call or send me a message. Would love to connect!