Finding the right home in the Denver metro area’s competitive real estate market can be tough enough! I think we can all agree on that. But, what about finding the right school for your child or children? Or what if you want to learn more about a neighborhood since you’re brand new to the area? Where do you go to find this info?

I can recommend a few resources that will provide you helpful information to aid in your decision-making as you pursue a home in the Denver metro area and surrounding communities.

Visit to learn more about the school ratings for Denver metro area schools. You can also see reviews by parents who have children at these schools.

I also like that you can refine the search criteria by different factors including public, private, and charter schools, etc. You can also type in the address of the home you are considering purchasing to see if you like the school ratings.

Neighborhood Report

A tool that I find incredibly helpful is the Neighborhood Report provided by the Realtor’s Property Resource (RPR) website (a tool exclusive to Realtors). This is a great tool if you want to dive into detailed data about a specific zipcode. The information is provided through a combination of public record and census data. Let’s say you want to live in Broomfield but know nothing about it other than what you maybe read in an article or heard from a friend. This report consolidates the data and makes it easy to reference and read. Here are a few example pages from the report.

Curious about education levels?

If there’s a specific area you’d like to research further, please let me know. I’d be happy to send you a Neighborhood Report!

Crime Reports

Knowing about crime activity in a potential neighborhood often comes up as a point of due diligence. If you’re curious about recent crime activity, check out to see what’s been happening recently nearby. You can type in the specific home address or a zip code to begin your review.

I hope you find these resources valuable in your home search experience. If you want to chat about the Denver real estate market, the home purchase process, or just want to connect over coffee, feel free to reach out via social media, text, phone, or email. I look forward hearing from you!

Drew Morris

Your Realtor for the Greater Denver Area