Here’s your rapid fire real estate market update for the Denver metro area!



  • Increased 76% from same period last year!
  • 3,650 active listings on 5/31
  • Home inventory grew 112%; condos grew 12%
  • The historical average is 15,200 listings for May, so we’re at 24% of historical.  Much better than we were last month.
  • The record high inventory in May was 30,500 in 2006.
  • There are potential headwinds limiting further growth in inventory:
    • From 1985-2007, owners tended to stay in their homes for 5-7 years.
    • From 2008-2022, owners are staying in their homes for 11-13 years.
    • The Boomers are not (yet) trading down to smaller home en masse to create inventory as we anticipated.
    • Its possible in the near term (say, 6-12 months) the “shock” of mortgage rate spikes will “lock in” many potential sellers.
    • Thus, inventory growth might be less than otherwise anticipated.
    • How to fix that?  Mortgage rates will likely come down in the next recession (estimated: 15-18 months out, based on historical trends).  That might encourage more listings (and suppress the number of buyers).
    • Inventory will probably grow at a slow rate for the next year or so.



  • Down 4.5% from same period last year
  • That’s an improvement from the last few months, when the volume was down even more than that.
  • YTD volume is down 7% from 2021



  • Down 3% from same period last year.
  • Overall, this is encouraging.  When you look on a national level at the last several times that mortgage rates suddenly went up 1% or more, on average you see an 11% decline in sales volume over the next year.  It appears that Denver’s current market is more resilient than the historical national average.
  • Nationally, the number homes pending sale is down -9%


  • YTD, prices are up 14% from 2021.
  • Comparing just May ’22 to May ’21, prices were up 15%.
  • I do expect this pace of price increase to slow down soon.
  • The consensus of 40+ economists and real estate “experts” is that we’ll have around 8% appreciation for all of 2022 nationwide.  Most of that in the first half of the year.
  • Denver homes were up 15% and condos were up 11% in May.
  • The average home price was $805,000; the average condo was $494,000.



  • 9 days for May ’22, down a few days from May ’21.
  • It’s interesting that inventories grew AND DOM fell.  You don’t usually see that.
  • I’d anticipate that inventories will continue to grow, but that we’ll see DOM grow a little too.
  • The growth in DOM will be irrelevant to most deals; if it grows from 9 to 12, sellers won’t really notice on average.
  • Marketing times were identical at 9 days for homes and condos.  


  • The average transaction in May ’22 sold at 5.3% above asking price.
  • In April ’22, it was a 6.9% premium.
  • I’d expect to see this continue to decline.



  • Prices for materials (e.g., lumber, copper, drywall) is up 5% since January.  Future prices for lumber recently started to fall, so perhaps that will moderate in the latter half of the year.
  • Between high construction costs and higher mortgage rates, the demand for new homes has slowed down considerably.
  • Inventory for new homes is building.  Perhaps we’ll see incentives for buyers in the latter half of the year.
  • Net, don’t expect a surge of construction to solve the inventory problem.



  • The population is growing, and the construction isn’t keeping up. 
  • Intense demand for rentals has driven rents up 13% year over year.
  • The pace of rental increases will certainly slow down, but don’t expect any declines in rents, even in the upcoming recession.


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