As a trusted real estate advisor, Bob’s goal is to assist his clients in making a well-informed, confident real estate decision. A decision focused on their needs. A decision, they will feel great about making! Whether Bob’s clients are first-time buyers, experienced investors or looking to sell a home filled with lasting memories, Bob prides himself on stepping his clients through the transaction process, educating them along the way, and delivering a fun, enjoyable and seamless experience.

Bob has spent the majority of his professional career as a Financial Advisor helping individuals and families build wealth. Bob’s true passion for real estate came about after investing in rental property, and even more so, in the joy of helping his daughter buy her first home in the Denver area.

Bob earned his Bachelor’s degree from Boston College School of Management with majors in computer science and finance, graduating in the top 1% of his class. He currently lives in central Denver, and in his free time, enjoys fitness training, exploring Denver restaurants, and planning fun activities with his adult children, Jessica and Michael. Bob also enjoys spending time at his residence in Scottsdale, AZ.


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