As Halloween gets closer and closer, we’re all looking for a good scare. Sure, you could binge-watch horror movies, visit a haunted maze full of actors, or head down to your nearest Chevron and look at the gas prices. But if you are looking for a real fright, Denver is home to plenty of haunted places year-round. Let me be your ghostly guide as you navigate historical Denver’s haunted spots… if you dare.

A simple Google search for “haunted places in Denver” will provide dozens of options for those seeking spirits and supernatural experiences. Popular, and chilling, options include the Stanley Hotel, Cripple Creek, Central City Masonic Cemetery, and especially Hotel Colorado. All of these sites have been reported to be full of active spirits, paranormal activity, and history everyone can enjoy. 

The Stanley Hotel, located in Estes Park, not only creates nightmares for guests and confirmation for spirit skeptics, but it also brought us one of the most popular movies of all time. This historic Denver hotel hosted Stephen King for a visit, and in his time there, he came up with the idea for The Shining. Still interested? The Stanley has even gone so far as to offer nighttime tours that include the hotel’s underground tunnels. This haunted spot may be well known, but there is always something new to discover.

Hotels must have some bad luck, as another one of the most active haunted spaces in the area is Hotel Colorado. Built in 1893, this European-style stay has left guests with goosebumps for over 100 years. Whether you believe this hotel was built on cursed land or is filled with the ghosts of departed guests, Hotel Colorado is sure to leave you feeling like you aren’t alone in the room. During World War II, the hotel was used as a hospital, and its basement served as the morgue. Some say the spirits never left that basement and still roam the property today. There have been many reported ghost sightings and paranormal interactions here, but why read about it when you can see it for yourself? Spend some time exploring this historical landmark and you just might see something spooky.

While the Denver area is full of many well-known and fascinating haunted spaces, you might want to check out something less explored. After a night in one of those haunted hotels, you might want a breath of fresh air. Carter Lake and the Black Forest not only offer nature and hiking, but are also two of the most haunted spots in Colorado. Carter Lake has been reported to be visited by a settler that was killed over 100 years ago, as he has been seen walking the area in his old-fashioned clothes and still carrying his bag. Black Forest holds the Lee Family’s “dream home”, yet it turned into a nightmare. The home and the area around it have been investigated by scientists and paranormal experts after the family reported eerie music, doors slamming, chemical odors, flickering lights, and more. A shaman has even stated that he believes this area connects to the spirit world. 

If one haunted hotel or house isn’t enough for your supernatural needs, how about a whole town? Colorado contains over 300 ghost towns, all abandoned for hundreds of years and full of all the spirits and stories your Halloween heart could desire. Gilman, CO, is one of the most interesting ghost towns you can find. Fairly recently abandoned in comparison to others, this small town was essentially ghosted overnight, as the EPA came down in 1984 and declared it uninhabitable due to hazardous waste. Suddenly, this quaint mining town was empty. The post office, schoolhouse, grocery store, and bowling alley are all still standing, and said to leave you feeling like you are not alone. Many older ghost towns can be found as well, such as St. Elmo, Tin Cup, Vicksburg, Independence, Winfield, and dozens more.

Colorado has many options for truly haunted places to check out this spooky season, as well as local haunted houses full of fantastic special effects and acting. We encourage you to see these all for yourself, and tell us all about your favorite frights!

Happy Halloween!