As I really dug into what inspires me and what I love about real estate and about living in the Denver area, I kept coming back to this idea of the “west” being a place of opportunity for people. Although this isn’t a new concept (think of the 1800s gold rush and silver booms, for example), it’s no surprise that Colorado and the Front Range have been experiencing a modern-day “gold rush” for the last several years, bringing people here in droves for the lifestyle and economic opportunity. I remember when my wife and I moved here 11 years ago, I couldn’t help but feel this sense of “anything is possible”. There was absolutely this “entrepreneurial buzz” in the air. I see that and feel that among the people and clients and agents I work with and their excitement for the possibilities this “land” provides for themselves and their families.

In a way, we’re helping people create this “new life” in the “new west”. But, I also envision being able to someday directly support our network and clients across all of Colorado, and then on to neighboring states like Utah and Idaho, and Arizona. I wanted a name that could embody our passion for the new life offered in the west and at the same time be a platform that could be expanded upon. And so, ModernWest was born!


Impact-Driven – Our business is our platform to influence lives. We embrace our responsibility to our customers, our communities, our families, and to each other to be catalysts for good.

Servant Hearted – We live to serve and are energized by doing so. It’s natural and even innate. We are driven to elevate the dreams and aspirations of those around us.

Learning-Centric – We are always learning. We are always coachable. To serve and innovate at the highest level, we pursue personal and professional growth continuously.

Action-Oriented – Service requires action. As self-starters, our hearts and minds always compel us to take that next best step. We consider desire and knowledge meaningless without using them to the benefit of others.


  • This year we want to serve 75 families
  • Within 3 years, we want to be the leading team serving Veterans in the Denver area
  • Our Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal (BHAG) is to help create $1BN of wealth for Veterans through real estate across the Mountain West.
  • You may already know this but we have a passion for serving military Veterans!
  • Does that mean we ONLY work with Veterans? Of course not. Some of our most frequently served clients are not Veterans. But, we do have a passion to see Veterans’ lives transformed through real estate and we want to play an impactful role towards that end.
  • We also have near term goals as we move toward that BHAG


Our guiding purpose is to help create stability and consistency for our customers.


What will it look and feel like when we achieve our BHAG as a team?

  • Each one of our agents is ranked in the top 10% of agents in the markets they serve, with our average GCI per agent being among the best in the industry
  • Our families still say we work for a great company that has helped create a great life for them
  • Because of the great culture, high production, and high freedom we’ve created for our team, we have the lowest turnover rate for agents and support staff of any real estate company
  • Our clients consistently rave about our agents, support team, and client experience
  • We’ve impacted Veterans across multiple regions and states in such a way that the most influential and reputable industry publications/events/brokerages regularly reference our company
  • We are known throughout the Veteran community nationally as being the go-to real estate company for homebuyer and sellers, investors, and business owners in the mountain west
  • We have a team presence in 10 cities across the Mountain West
  • Our team services include a robust investor arm for those building a real estate portfolio and also a commercial sales and leasing side for small business owners
  • We have a nationally recognized “Veterans in Real Estate” sales training program
  • We’ve spearheaded the creation and integration of key technologies that have proven to be game-changers for our customers, agents, and support team
  • We not only have key partnerships with major Veteran employers, but we’re also known as one of the best employers of Veterans in the Mountain West


Agents typically start out with plenty of freedom as they build their business. However, as production grows, freedom declines because of the demands of transactions.

Typical progression

We believe agents have the ability to create great lives because of real estate. Our team creates an environment where you can both maximize your production while also maintaining freedom to live!

Agent Growth Plan from ModernWest

Our team training, mentoring, and internal systems will give you the tools and guidance to take your business to the next level no matter where you’re at in your career. New agents get immediate opportunities to begin working with clients and on transactions. Experienced agents can incorporate systems and processes to make their business more efficient and effective. High-producing agents can leverage our support team to gain more freedom. We’re also ready to help you grow a team, give you leadership opportunities, and help you expand the brand into new markets.

Do you want to consider joining our team?