One of our favorite things to do for a day date in Denver is wander around cool antiques shops and consignment stores. There are always unique things to be found and it often feels like a step back in time! From old farm equipment to frilly dresses and antique furniture, we absolutely adore a day full of antiques. We typically start with a stop by one of our favorite, local craft coffee spots (like Corvus, for example), head to do some exploring in the shops, and top off the day with lunch at a new eatery nearby. 

Several weeks back, we ventured down to South Broadway for a few hours to take in some of their best antique shops and ended up finding a cool vintage men’s cane. We had been on the hunt for several months ever since we purchased a vintage umbrella stand for our living room in the Fall. It was especially fun wandering around The Odditorium and exploring all of their unique and oddly random merchandise. They have quite the selection of canes to choose from, among many other peculiar items. One Yelp reviewer likened The Odditorium to a carnival that had a baby with an antique shop and I couldn’t have said it better, myself! They have amazing jewelry, costumes and masks, vintage clothing and shoes, furniture, dishes, doll heads in jars, and so much more!

But don’t let me stop you there. There are plenty of other antique stores to dig into! Some other worthwhile mentions include Boss Vintage Clothing Store, The Antique Broker, and any of the other stores spanning the 1200-1800 blocks of South Broadway’s Antique Row.

For those of you that work up an appetite while antiquing (is that even a word?) you might try stopping by The Irish Rover Pub for some appetizers and drinks. If you like pretzels (these ones are super soft) and cheese sauce, you can’t go wrong with their bite-size garlic pretzels with parmesan dipping sauce. We also tried their popular corned beef egg rolls and, of course, their fish n chips, both of which did not disappoint! Their heated rooftop was a wonderful spot and hard to beat when you have a sunny day in January. Plus their extensive menu made it hard to choose what to try! I mean, how can you go wrong with bottomless mimosas for ten dollars and brunch on Saturday AND Sunday?

One other fun (and totally unrelated) spot we discovered on South Broadway is Spectra Art Space, where they feature multiple local artists’ work as well as an immersive art experience. They are also excited to announce their next exhibition coming March 4th-28th titled Snapped: Month of Photography. We recently visited and did Back to the Source, which is an all-ages, psychedelic immersive art and (audio/visual) theatrical experience presented by the artists who brought you Spookadelia. Back to the Source is a donation-based ticket (must register in advance) where scavenger hunt meets immersive art. It is worth noting that based on our experience, you will only need about 10-15 minutes to complete the puzzle, as opposed to the 50 minutes you are given.

Well folks, that’s all we have for this episode of Local Highlights with ModernWest. 

Why don’t you tell us what your favorite day date is or where you like to go searching for antiques?