You’ve heard of spring cleaning, but what about the fall home haul? ‘Tis the season to snuggle in for a chilly winter—and in the Denver area, that can mean seriously chilly. You don’t want to wait until the first big freeze of the year to find out the fireplace you haven’t turned on since last winter is on the blink.

Consider this the time of year where you give your home a little extra attention. Here are five home hacks that you can’t overlook this autumn for a safe and comfortable season:

1. Have an arborist check your trees

The bigger and older the trees, the higher the chance that they’re not as stable as they appear. Gusty winds and piles of snow can break off limbs and damage your home or property. Worse, they can even be life-threatening. Autumn is the season to have a pro assess the trees on your property. Not all worrisome trees need to be removed, and sometimes it’s as simple as reinforcing them by having a pro tie the top of the trunks together.

2. Get into the autumnal spirit by keeping mulled spice wines on the stovetop

“Fragrances” such as perfumes are often rich in toxic chemicals and quite costly. Our strongest sense is our nose, and the aromas of autumn quickly get you into the seasonal spirit. If you keep a small pot of mulled wine spices (with or without the wine!) on the stovetop, you can easily heat it up and fill the home with cozy scents. Don’t forget the citrus and star anise.

3. Load up on birdseed

Buying birdseed is usually a spring activity, but it makes an excellent “gripper” when the ground gets icy. Skip the kitty litter and go for an all-natural option that isn’t messy (and might even feed some hungry feathered neighbors to boot). This is also the time of year to install any snow-melting mats if that’s a luxury you’re treating yourself to.

4. Schedule annual maintenance checks

Every appliance should get checked every year, and especially going into the cold months you want to make sure your source of heat (i.e. boiler or furnace) and any fireplaces are in top working order. Once the busy season hits around late November, it’ll be tough to find someone to squeeze you into their busy schedule.

5. Stock up on summer staples

There’s a fine line between being savvy and being impulsive when it comes to shopping. Now is the time when hot ticket summer items are on sale, like swimsuits and patio furniture. Take stock of what you actually need or really wanted to buy when these items were full price and make a wish list. This will help you from deviating into shopping spree territory.

In the cooler months, we like to stay home more often and settle in for a little winter nesting. Make sure your home is safe and welcoming for both you and your guests.