Start collecting and organizing documents related to your home.

  • These can include appliance manuals, warranty information, utility bills, property surveys, HOA or neighborhood documents, past inspection and repair reports, and insurance claims.
  • These are often requested by home buyers in the purchase contract.
  • You can also start completing a seller’s proper disclosure form, which will be given to buyers as part of the selling process.

Number two, take care of those home repair projects you’ve been putting off.

  • Is there something broken or worn that needs repair? Is there something you know needs to be taken care of?
  • Maybe it’s a broken light fixture, cracked window, stained carpet, dirty appliances, or broken gate.
  • You want to present your home in its best light, so make sure you tackle those repair projects first.

Number three, start preparing for first impressions.

  • Remember first impressions are everything when selling your home.
  • Take a look at your home through the buyer’s eyes as you walk up to the home.
  • How would you rate the first impression?
  • Think about refreshing mulch and landscaping, cleaning your front porch, remove cobwebs, clean windows, and siding, repaint your front door to a color that pops.
  • Inside, you can declutter spaces and rooms, thin out your closets, do paint touch-ups, and organize your garage.

Number four, prepare for the home buyer’s inspection.

  • You can get ahead of typical home buyer concerns by having professionals review your property ahead of time at minimal cost.

For example, have a roofer evaluate the condition of your roof, have your HVAC system cleaned and certified, have a home inspector conduct a thorough inspection to catch any other potential issues so that you can address them before hitting the market.


My team of experts and I are ready to help you sell your home for the highest possible price in the quickest amount of time.