September is National Self-Improvement Month!

Here Are 4 Ways You Can Work on Self-Improvement . . .



1. Read

Read because you can and you want to. I’m not talking about reading something for work or even something “important”. Think about the things that you enjoy but don’t seem to have enough time for and get a book about it. It doesn’t have to be educational or substantial but just taking the time to read for enjoyment and giving your focus to that book can be centering. If you are looking for something that specifically helps you to improve aspects of your life by creating sustainable routines, Atomic Habits by James Clear is a great read and has been called “truly life changing”.

2. Write

Writing is great for getting out all of the things that you keep stored inside your head. Grab a notebook or journal or even open the notes app on your phone when inspiration strikes. This doesn’t have to be the next New York Time’s Best Selling novel or even a coherent thought, it can just be a place to jot down random thoughts, things you want to remember or come back to later, a place to vent or elucidate. Regardless of how you write or what you write, you will feel better for doing it.

3. Learn

Learning from the experiences of others can always improve our lives. You can pull up a TEDx Talk on YouTube, Brené Brown gives excellent insight into
The Power of Vulnerability You can also attend classes locally or online. The ModernWest Team is hosting an investor meet up September 30th! This month’s topic is purchasing a multi-unit property with a VA loan featuring military veterans who have actually done it

Register at the Eventbrite link below

4. Explore

Get out! Take a walk in your neighborhood, pick a direction and drive (or ride a bike, gas prices are still a little scary), plan a trip . . . Just get out of the comfortable everyday stuff. Find joy in new places and new experiences. For something local check out this list from Uncover Colorado